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Alex the Great
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4th-Mar-2011 11:09 pm(no subject)
jackson holding bird

In other terms, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY.
Of course, you could always comment to be added.

1st-Oct-2008 02:19 pm - Hey.
potc black pearl
To those of you who are aware,

Just... stop. Please. And walk away from this silly tiff. That's what I'm doing, and that's my greatest wish for the rest of you to do too. This argument should have ended on Monday, it did not, so let's end it now. It's a pointless rug to beat, and I'm tired of seeing people angry over it when it's just... It's silly. We're adults. Let's stop shitting on each other and just move along. We all have our reasons for jumping in, and I appreciate every side's valiant effort to stop the ebb and flow of words, to just bandage it up, but all it's done is make things worse and upset more people. That was never the intention; what was the intention was to cease our bickering and thus, on my  behalf, hopefully make things a little better all around. It hasn't. It's simply gotten larger and mushroomed into something that just has no real sense. And I don't know why, but it upsets me to see my friends upset in this instance. None of you should be. No one should be mad at one another over something so little and on the internet of all places, and especially when the initial argument was closed and should have been left alone, but for whatever reason was brought back up.

I have helped this person with their resume; I have helped them with life troubles, and I have tried to be there to help them with anything else they needed from editing documents to being a shoulder to cry on. And things have ended for various combined reasons, all of which I understand and have mutually agreed to severing for the just cause of. I do wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, I have no ill will here, and to everyone else:  I hope you feel the same because, really, just let it go. If I do, and you do, and they do, then we won't all be fighting and that would be much more pleasurable.

Make Love, Not War.

7th-May-2008 11:41 pm - Stardust round 1
jackson holding bird

If used, credit me and stuff. Yeah. I just had fun here. This is round one, and possibly contain spoilers if you've never seen it.

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6th-May-2008 11:13 am - SPN PIMP
spn dean grave
The new episode of Supernatural airs this Thursday at 9pm on the CW. That's May 8th of 2008, 5.8.08, or the eight day of the fifth month of the 2008. This is the third season. I do own S1 and S2 on DVD. I downloaded last weeks. I'll be home for it this week. Or I'll TiVO it.

It's called 'Time Is On My Side'. And I've got spoiler-phobes on my flist, so I cannae post anything more.

Also, I like this icon.

Emma still has slots open!
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